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1. {{anchor|foo}}

could be linked to with [[#foo|...]] from within the same article,
or it could be linked to with [[articlename#foo|...]] from other articles and from redirects.

2. Anchors can be more suitable for inter-article linking than section titles are. For example,

=={{anchor|foo}} Section title ==
Here, links via [[articlename#foo]] would remain valid even if the section were renamed.

3. The template can be used to create up to ten anchors with a single call. For example,

will create three anchors that can then be linked to with [[#foo]], [[#bar]] and [[#baz]].
Specifying more than 10 anchors will cause an error message to be displayed.


====Usage {{anchor|Example anchor}}====


====Usage {{anchor|anchor=Example anchor}}====

Template:Anchor#Example anchor (from another page) or #Example anchor (from this page) will now link to the section called "Usage", as seen above.